About Us

Welcome to ECOPV –

Your expert for extended producer responsibility (EPR).


Our Mission

Our mission is to support our customers with any work in the EPR area and to provide customized, cost-effective solutions.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and outstanding partner for our clients, to continuously evolve in the field of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), to actively know and understand the laws and new regulations in different countries and to provide our clients with immediate, comprehensive and professional compliance services.

Since our founding in 2020, we have grown to become one of the leading providers in the key areas of ElektroG, BattG and VerpackG, supporting manufacturers worldwide.

At our ECOPV, we have a deep understanding of the exacting obligations that manufacturers must fulfill under ElektroG, BattG and VerpackG.

Our mission is always to offer you not just a simple solution, but a customized and efficient support. We know that your time is money, which is why we focus on fast processes and efficient procedures.

According to ElektroG, ECOPV has full expertise in the field of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

Our professional authorized representative service can ensure that foreign companies are fully compliant with all legal requirements. Our standards go beyond the usual – we offer simple solutions, individually adapted to your specific requirements.

From quantity reports and collection coordination to arranging first-class partners in the BattG and VerpackG area – we keep an eye on all aspects for you.


Which also makes us stand out:

ECOPV is not only active for you on a national, but also on an international scope.

We understand the global requirements of your business and pride ourselves on offering you not just support, but a strategic partner.

Contact us to get to know about how ECOPV can help you not only to fulfill legal obligations, but also to sustainably support your business worldwide.

ECOPV – your guide to effective and sustainable Extended Producer Responsibilityextended, global solutions!