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If you want to sell your products throughout Europe, the EPR is a requirement for selling in local markets where you might fail to obtain authorization: e.g. in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, the Netherlands, Poland, etc.

Become a member of our pan-European tariff and we will provide you with a full management service to optimize costs at each stage, creating a personalized portfolio solution for your specific situation and ensuring that your products comply with local compliance requirements.


In France, you must register WEEE, batteries and packaging and keep your annual declarations of compliance accurate, pay for recycling and print the logo on your products.

In Italy, you must appoint a local authorized representative and register WEEE, batteries and packaging. You must submit quarterly declarations and pay the contribution fee after the declaration.

In Austria, the preparation of your registration documents is a special phase and requires a Hague certificate of your relationship with the local authorized representative. Once you have received the corresponding number, you must submit quarterly declarations and pay the recycling fees.

In Spain, The Hague certification and digital certificates are also required, particularly for the Packaging. The WEEE and battery registration process takes about 2 weeks.

In Poland, you need to appoint a local authorized representative and for WEEE, so you can use the authorized representative’s BDO number, submit quarterly declarations and then pay the recycling fee.


These are just a few simple examples, but the actual situation depends on your product.

Feel free to contact us and we will advise you in more detail on your individual situation!

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