Own take-back system for industrial batteries?

Do you have your own take-back system in Germany but lack knowledge about how to get your own take-back system approved or how to join a local take-back company?

In terms of fulfilling the take-back obligations according to the German Battery Act (BattG), the following specific steps must be followed:

  • Registration of the manufacturer and the corresponding categorized battery with the Foundation for the Register of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EAR);
  • Participation in a take-back system or having your own take-back plan
  • Reporting the quantity of batteries sold to the cooperating take-back system;
  • Fulfillment of labeling and information obligations towards end users.

The take-back system in Germany is becoming more sophisticated and informative. Manufacturers of industrial batteries have a strong presence, and their products are more traceable compared to conventional batteries. They easily meet the requirements for establishing their own independent take-back system. The importance of taking initiative in this regard is undeniable in the market. For manufacturers of industrial batteries, wouldn’t it be more convenient and cost-effective to own their own take-back system certified by the EAR?

We provide a solution to this problem. We have already successfully assisted manufacturers of industrial batteries in obtaining BattG certificates with their own take-back system. This has paved the way for compliance with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) directive for industrial batteries. As we explore new business fields, we will continue to offer our customers high-quality services to support them in compliance by joining an officially approved take-back system and obtaining BattG certificates. We are delighted to collaborate with more German industrial battery sellers and dealers who must comply with EPR regulations. We will assist you in developing the best compliance concept for your situation.

We always aim to ensure that our customers receive compliance services more easily, quickly, and professionally.

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