The New Fee Regulation

The fee regulation serves as the basis for covering the costs arising from individually attributable public services under the ElektroG. Annually, the fee rates are reviewed by the BMUV Ministry based on fluctuating transaction numbers and total costs, and are set for the upcoming year.

Key changes affecting the ElektroG include:

The quarterly fee for registered manufacturers increases from 24,10 € to 43,90 €, resulting in an annual base fee of 175,60 € per registration account. The previous fee for address or contact data changes is eliminated.

The fee for reviewing the plausibility of new B2B devices is reduced from 113,00 € to 31,00 €.

Other fees, such as the registration fee per registration and the annual insolvency-proof guarantee fee, undergo minor adjustments.

Price increases are primarily justified by the Stiftung ear Foundation through the expansion of information campaigns on the proper return and disposal of electrical waste. A detailed overview of the statutory fees for 2024 is available in the attached table. Note that all figures are net prices, and the statutory fees are newly determined annually by the Federal Ministry for the Environment.

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