News on the BattG

As part of the new EU Battery Regulation, the new Battery Law Implementation Act (BattDG) will replace the existing Battery Act (BattG). All battery manufacturers must participate in a producer responsibility organisation, and producer responsibility will be introduced for all battery categories. Additionally, system operators must provide an insolvency-proof guarantee.On 10 May 2024, the Federal […]

Own take-back system for industrial batteries?

Do you have your own take-back system in Germany but lack knowledge about how to get your own take-back system approved or how to join a local take-back company? In terms of fulfilling the take-back obligations according to the German Battery Act (BattG), the following specific steps must be followed: The take-back system in Germany […]

Do you need guarantees? – We give them to you!

We’re growing! Discover our brand-new in-house service! As of February 29, 2024, it’s official: we have expanded our services and are now proud operators of a state-of-the-art manufacturer warranty system. This exciting innovation enables us to handle the obligations according to §7 of the ElektroG for all manufacturers. But what does this mean for you? […]

Other countries, other customs

Not only in Germany are there rights and obligations concerning the import of various goods. Unfortunately, there is no law that applies worldwide or throughout Europe. Each individual country has its own regulations and laws that must be adhered to. If you plan to establish your product in additional countries, we would be happy to […]

The New Fee Regulation

The fee regulation serves as the basis for covering the costs arising from individually attributable public services under the ElektroG. Annually, the fee rates are reviewed by the BMUV Ministry based on fluctuating transaction numbers and total costs, and are set for the upcoming year. Key changes affecting the ElektroG include: The quarterly fee for […]

3. Good News! 17.000 Registration Capacity

ECOPV-EU GmbH is committed to delivering excellence in all areas and providing comprehensive support to WEEE manufacturers in Germany, across Europe, and beyond in meeting their EPR obligations. One of our key focuses is on enhancing our own qualifications and service quality. In mid-2023, due to the strong demand from our customers in Asia, the […]

WEEE Number – Why it is Indispensable and How ECOPV Assists You

If you are involved with electrical and electronic devices, you may come across the term “WEEE number.” But what exactly does it entail? The WEEE number is a unique identifier associated with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive. WEEE stands for “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.” The WEEE number is crucial for the […]

The New Battery Regulation

The European Union has recently adopted the new EU Battery Regulation, governing the handling of batteries and accumulators across the entire EU. This legislative change has far-reaching implications for various companies and industries. The EU Battery Regulation mandates various requirements and obligations that manufacturers and importers of batteries and accumulators must adhere to. The key […]